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Meet Our Editorial Board

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Professor Allan Pring

Flinders University

South Australia

Allan was a research mineralogist at the South Australian Museum for over 30 years and  is currently Distinguished Professor of Chemical Mineralogy at Flinders University, in Adelaide.  His research interests centre on understanding the chemical processes that lead to mineral formation and growth.

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Dr Ben Grguric

Mining and Exploration Consultant

Western Australia


Ben is native of South Australia and has been a mineral collector since the age of 7. He was educated at Adelaide and Cambridge Universities and has worked in the minerals industry since 1993. An active publisher of scientific papers on ore deposits geology and mineralogy, Ben currently works as a consultant to mining and exploration companies.

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Professor Peter Williams

University of Western Sydney

New South Wales

Pete Williams is Emeritus Professor in Chemistry at the University of Western Sydney. 

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Professor Allan Pring

Flinders University

South Australia

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Dr Steve Dobos

Dobos and Associates


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Ralph Bottrill

Mineral Resources Tasmania


Ralph is a Mineralogist/Petrologist and geologist with Mineral Resources Tasmania, and an Honorary Researcher with the University of Tasmania, Tasmanian Museum and the Queen Victoria Museum. Research interests include Tasmanian mineralogy and mineral deposits.


Brian England

Senior Research Scientist (retired)

New South Wales

Brian retired as a Senior Research Scientist in 2006 after 40 years with BHP Research at Shortland in Newcastle,NSW.

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