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Advertising Rates

Double page           $660

Single page            $330

Half page               $176

Quarter page       $60.50

All prices are inclusive of GST. All formats are full colour, except for quarter page, which is black and white only.

Advertising Specifications

Double page           trim size                     420 x 297 mm

                             type area                   400 x 270 mm

                             bleed size                  425 x 302 mm

Full page                 trim size                     210 x 297 mm

                             type area                   186 x 270 mm

                             bleed Size                  216 x 303 mm

Half page               horizontal type area      186 x 132 mm

                             horizontal bleed size    216 x 152 mm

                             vertical type area           90 x 270 mm

                             vertical bleed area       104 x 303 mm

Quarter page           vertical type area           90 x 130 mm

                             vertical bleed area        186 x  62 mm

Print-ready PDFs should be exported in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) using the PDFx1a profile, or High Quality Print. The profiles can be found when exporting to PDF or when distilling a Postscript file using Acrobat Distiller. These profiles contain a series of well- defined subsets that protects the integrity of the fonts and colours contained therein.

       Fonts will also be properly embedded into the file

       All colour data must be greyscale, CMYK or named spot colours. The file cannot contain         RGB, LAB data.


EPS files from Illustrator are acceptable with text saved to outlines/paths or supply all fonts and hi-resolution Photoshop files (300 dpi) usually saved in PSD or EPS formats.


While our designer will do everything they can to ensure that your advertising is processed as error free as possible, we cannot take responsibility for the colour reproduction of any PDFs containing RGB pictures and logos.


Important notes:

Ads should only ever be delivered to bleed or type size, never to trim. If you are using a background colour your advert should be created at bleed size.

Create your advert at a high resolution – 150 dpi or 300 dpi

Please do not send JPGs or TIFs.

If you have any questions, please contact John Mill at Advertising Sales.

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